We create
new hire programs

If you're redesigning
your new hire program,

we'd love to help

We create
award winning
new hire programs

If you're redesigning
your new hire program,

we'd love to help


People Use Our Training

One of the world's largest retailers

Our retention increased by 10%.

Global brand restaurant chain

A 5% increase in customer service scores is more than we'd hoped for.

Major US healthcare provider

We wanted to reduce attrition by 5%. You helped us reach 7%.

Helping new hires
take their first
steps to success.

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Pre-Day-1 access to content

Welcome videos and animations

Online learning experiences

Connect new hires to your culture and brand

Weekly email "nudges" for managers

The right conversations at the right time

Real-time engagement data

Easy-to-use progress dashboards

Report by location, facility, team, and individual

Consistent onboarding across locations

Measurable return on your investment

Five Components for Successful New Hire Programs


Collaborative design
for new hire ROI at
your organization


Structured programs
(available pre-day 1)
to accelerate and
monitor engagement


An intuitive platform to
bring it all together and
nudge leaders and new
hires in the right direction


Just enough learning
to drive
culture and show new
hires how to be successful


Simple tools ensure
leaders and new hires
have the right conversation
at the right time


The cost of replacing an employee is up to
3 x salary.

Disengaged employees are
12 x more likely to leave.

50% of employees who quit cite manager
engagement as the #1 reason.

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25 Years of Award-Winning New Hire Programs

Our My First Year solution gives the new hire control of the onboarding journey.

Intuitive design and powerful content combines with an easy-to-use onboarding platform to connect new hires to managers and peers and to provide clear, measurable pathways to success.

We build meaningful relationships between managers and new hires and make it easy to deliver an onboarding experience that celebrates culture and values and demonstrates a tangible return on your investment in people.

Managers are given all the tools, tips, and motivation they need to support their new team members.

Our nudge tool ensures that the right conversations happen at the right time, and our engagement tracking provides just-in-time metrics to ensure there are no nasty surprises!

Oh, and we’ve created new hire programs for the world’s biggest companies for 25 years. So you’re in safe hands!

Dan Brown

Strategic Relationship Officer
Interactive Services US

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